Hiring a decorator

What is the process?

What does hiring a decorator involve? Is it something you would love to do, but your not sure how to go about it? I am going to delve into the process of what happens when you hire a decorator to assist you in decorating and styling your home .

  1. Why Hire a Decorator

So you have either just built a new home or bought yourself some new pieces of furniture for your home, but when you stand back and look at the space it just feels ‘blah’, like it has no soul, no character or life. This is one of the most common reasons I am hired to help a client decorate their home. They have usually chosen to hire me because they follow me on Instagram @haveninteriors or they follow me on Facebook – Haven Interiors and Styling and they like my style and aesthetic.

I believe I am an approachable decorator, I try to be very real and down to earth and to be honest most of my clients I would now consider a friend! My personal style is relaxed coastal with a touch of boho, however in my years of decorating I have created so many styles of decor.

2. The First Steps

The very first thing I do when someone makes an enquiry is send them my fees and services. I want my clients to be informed and understand what my rates are, what they are getting for those rates and what is involved. There is nothing worse than finding an invoice in your inbox that you weren’t expecting. This allows people to view, discuss and make an informed decision about whether or not they want to go ahead and hire me.

3. In Home Consultation

Of course the next step is for me to come and visit you in your home. To prepare you may have a Pinterest board or magazine clippings available to show me so I can see what your style is like – but in most cases this is easy for me to see when I walk through the door. Your home says a lot about you and your family but I will ask you lots of questions and look at the way your furniture is placed, the flow of traffic, where your natural light is etc.

Some other questions I will ask are: How do you use the space? Where does your family congregate? Do you entertain? How do you want to feel when you arrive home at the end of the day? Plus the obvious ones like colours and style. All of these things tell me a story of how you and your family live in your home and how it needs to be styled.

During this one hour visit you can ask me questions about colour selection on walls, fixtures, tiles, and finishes you are trying to make decisions on. It is your hour to pick my brains as much is it is for me to learn about what you need from me.

“Katrina is fantastic to work with and would highly recommend her . I have used Katrina for decorating and the recent styling of my house for sale . It looked amazing as she has a fantastic eye for detail . I am now working with her in styling my new house . Katrina is friendly , professional and will work to any budget you require.” Sonia, Dolans Bay.

4. Visual Concept

This is my favourite part. I will then take all of the information you have given me, taking into consideration what you already have, the colours and style of your furniture and fixtures and create a Vision Board with products to create a beautiful space designed just for you. These products will be actual items which can be sourced and purchased. This will be presented as an e-document to view on your computer.

This is a very simple visual direction for a client needing a direction and flow for her living room space.

5. Shopping

This visual concept can be something you can take away and continue on your decorating journey yourself. Using it as a guide to go and shop to your hearts content, maybe in stages or all at once depending on your budget. Sometimes this is all a client will need to help them with a direction for decorating their home and give them the confidence that what they are spending their money on is going to be cohesive and work in the space.

6. Sourcing, Pricing and Installation

You may chose to continue to employ me to source all of the items from my trade suppliers for you. This includes artwork, furniture, cushions, rugs, plants, homewares and accessories. I can pass on my trade discounts to you and finalise the space once they have arrived by installing and decorating it with all of the accessories and finishing touches. I keep track of the time I am spending ordering, curating and in home consults and then you will be invoiced fortnightly.

Katrina’s knowledge of colour, texture, line, and impact was perfectly aligned to the bush setting, pool and features that were already existing. Katrina provided us with an initial concept board that enabled us to see what was possible for this area.The furniture Katrina choose for us… was beautiful, unique and of very high quality. Throughout the whole process of deciding of furniture and accessories , Katrina was very transparent ( and realistic) with price. It was a incredibly collaborative process’. Daniyelle, Bangor, NSW

7. Enjoy your Space

All that is left now is to sit back and enjoy your newly decorated home and most likely yell at the kids to stop throwing the cushions on the floor!

If you are interested in some more information head over to my contact page and send through your details.

Katrina xx

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