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WELCOME – to Haven Interiors and our ‘Style Your Haven’ Blog. I have been decorating and styling property for sale for quite a few years now and along the way have learnt so many great techniques, tips and tricks of the trade. I LOVE what I do and to be able to pass on what I have learnt to you and help you ‘Style your Haven’ in your own homes, give you inspiration and step by step instructions!

From choosing and arranging cushions on a bed to how to put a vignette together for a console – Style Your Haven will be taking you on an easy and fun journey of putting your own style into your home, how to make it cohesive, how to add the finishing touches and so much more! We will be offering freebies, competitions and workshops to attend!

Through the amazing properties we style for sale and the images and videos we produce when doing this, we can VISUALLY show you ‘how to’ put your homes together bit by bit!

I also LOVE anything coastal! You can tell from my style I inject a lot of inspiration for the coast with natural raw timbers, whites and touches of blues and greens. I will share with you over on my Instagram page haveninteriors my love of finding beautiful coastal abodes and decorating inspiration from all around the globe – but especially in our beautiful Oz!.

I will be creating some great Styling E-Books with step by step guides from sourcing and buying to installation and styling. So if you have a passion for interiors and want to learn then you are in the right place! With our first ‘Style Your Haven’ blog we are offering our new subscribers a FREE E-book on ‘Finding your Style’ – which of course is a great place to start when you are decorating your home! Before you do ANYTHING you need to know what your style is, what aesthetic do you want in your home, how do you want your home to feel etc. This E-Book will give you 3 easy steps to Finding your Style.

I look forward to decorating and styling with you!

Katrina xx


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