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WELCOME TO Style Your Haven BLOG

WELCOME – to Haven Interiors and our ‘Style Your Haven’ Blog. I have been decorating and styling property for sale for quite a few years now and along the way have learnt so many great techniques, tips and tricks of …

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5 WAYS TO create A BEAUTIFULly styled BED

Bedrooms are for a lot of people – a sanctuary! The place where we feel most relaxed and calm, where we can hide away from then noise and bustle of the family – well it should be anyway! Here are …

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I am one of the biggest procrastinators you will ever meet. I don’t make decisions easily for myself. I will stew on it, ask my friends and family their opinion, weigh things up, stew on it again. Are you like …

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Hiring a decorator

What is the process? What does hiring a decorator involve? Is it something you would love to do, but your not sure how to go about it? I am going to delve into the process of what happens when you …

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I am a dreamer – my mind does not stop – ever! I am always thinking of new ways I can do things, new adventures to try, new challenges. They don’t always come to fruition but I will always try …

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Autumn Styling Promotion

If you have started reading this blog and you are not in the least bit interested in selling your property in the next 2 months you can go ahead and delete!  Haha. If you are an investor or home owner …

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