I am one of the biggest procrastinators you will ever meet. I don’t make decisions easily for myself. I will stew on it, ask my friends and family their opinion, weigh things up, stew on it again. Are you like that?

Well in the last week I have started listening to a Podcast on Intuition by Steph Demetrious. I have always been a big believer in spiritual guidance and had many many tarot cards and readings done over the years. Listening to her has reminded me of times in my life I have listened to my gut and looked for signs to make big decisions in my life.

Just over 10 years ago, when my 3 boys were at the ages of 9, 7 and 4 yrs, I was working in retail a couple of days a week. I really wasn’t enjoying it but most of all I just had that feeling that this wasn’t right for me. So when my girlfriend and I came up with this idea of opening a Homewares and Gift store I was instantly excited by it. I ran it by my husband and he was amazingly supportive and said ‘go for it’. But I was worried about the financial impact it would have on us as well as spreading my time of being a wife and mum as well.


So one night I was lying awake stewing, as I do, trying to decide if I was doing the right thing, and we had a blackout. I hopped out of bed to see if it was in the whole street and the street lights were still on so I went for a wander around the house to check on the boys. When I went into Nics room his digital clock on his bedside was flashing 4:44. As soon as I looked at it I knew that this was a sign to me. You see we were going to call our store 44 Home. I remember sitting on his bed and just looking at that flashing clock thinking – ‘Im doing this!.

If I hadn’t of taken the leap and listened to my intuition that night I may not be where I am now, working in an industry that motivates and gives me so much drive and love of all things interiors. 44 Home was the beginning of my journey to becoming an Interior Decorator and Property Stylist.

If I had given in to the fear of failure, the fear that this store wouldn’t work then I would not have gone into it. So my message today is to firstly if you are into listening to podcasts go and check her out and secondly, listen to your gut!

Katrina xx

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