5 WAYS TO create A BEAUTIFULly styled BED

Bedrooms are for a lot of people – a sanctuary! The place where we feel most relaxed and calm, where we can hide away from then noise and bustle of the family – well it should be anyway! Here are 5 tips to creating a beautiful, calm and relaxing bed to retreat to every evening.

  1. Linen – When choosing your linen for your bedroom, spend a little bit extra and get the good stuff for yourself. Buy your kids the sheets from Target but splurge out on the Linens and Bamboos on your own bed. You have earned it! IF you haven’t had bamboo or linen sheets yet you are sooo missing out. My favourite is Bamboo – it has a really soft, smooth sheen to it that is sooo comfortable to sleep in. Adairs have up to $100 off their Bamboo Sheet sets at the moment!!

2. Quilt Covers – Go big or go home! Always choose a cover at least one size bigger than the bed size – two is even better. It will give your bedroom that lush feel. So for a Queen bed we would use a King or Super King Size quilt. AND buy yourself a beautiful cover. Linen is the go to for most stylist at the moment and we always choose a neutral palette like white, grey or beige. That way we can transform the space frequently with a quick change of some cushions and throw. Adairs have up to $100 off quilt covers at the moment – so follow the link and check them out! Get your bedroom spring ready.

3. European Cushions People!! ALWAYS have a couple of Euros in your arrangement at the back of the bed. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to only have standard pillows. European pillows give your bed some grandeur and set a base for styling and layering your cushions and pillows. They are also great for using when reading in bed!

Styled By Haven
Chenille/Cotton Quilt Cover by Adairs

4. Cushions and Throws – I know they can be a pain to have to take them off every night and make them look great again the next day – but trust me you NEED cushions and a throw on your bed to finish it off. Otherwise it will just look – well, blah! For a Queen Size bed (below) We have used 2 Euros, 2 Standards and then 3 square cushions, finished off with a rectangular cushion at the front. We have used a couple of neutral and then you can add some colour or pattern in the other two to compliment your artwork you have in your bedroom.

The bed above is a King Bed and we have styled this with 2 standards on top of each other on the left side, the there is a standard under the right European pillow to lift it up and another in front of the standards. We have only used 3 square cushions to pick up some of the colours in the artwork above.

The throws are like the icing on the cake! They tie the whole look in together and add some texture and layers to the bed to give it some life! Above is a simple linen throw from Adairs thrown over the corner and below is a double layer – One is knitted and picking up the deep teals in the room and the other is a natural linen colour thrown over the top – Again both are from Adairs and they currently have 30% off some of their cushions and throws! Follow the links in this blog.

Styled By Haven
Cushions and Throws Finish This bed

5. Valance or Bed Wrap – Something I find is often overlooked in a bedroom is finishing off around the base. If you have an ensemble then you really need to cover it in either a bed wrap – which fits snugly around the base, or a valance which is a padded ‘skirt’ that sits neatly over the top. There is nothing worse than having a beautifully styled bed and then you can see the ugly bed base! Go with a neutral colour like white or grey to work in with the rest of your linen.

So there you have my 5 top tips to creating a beautiful bedroom using my fave go to – ADAIRS.

Please feel free to comment below or let me know if there is anything you would like tips on!

Katrina xx

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